About Us

Got some Gorgeous Dresses wasted in your wardrobe just cause’ they don’t fit? Don’t you worry! Introducing BlingMyCloset’s Revolutionary Multipurpose Detachable Accessories. Now Style better, Fit better, with BlingMyCloset, cause we’re turning the tables. #OneSizeFitsAll 

Hello Blingy Fam!

I'm Shalini, welcoming you to this planet of fashion and style. Being a Fashion enthusiast & fond of binging Vogue Mag & Elle for hours each night after work myself, I’ve always been pretty fascinated by just how some pieces of fashion get my toes curling. THEY’RE JUST SO PERFECT, YOU KNOW?

However, Thyroid has been a constant challenge for me and gave me a hard time buying clothes & looking for something that 'fits' me perfectly. The fluctuation in size is maddening.

Still, I used to look and allure at all those gorgeous fits. I’d either be thrilled, or halfway through it, just sleep down on the fact that the dresses might be out of my size soon. However, it didn't take me long before I realized that this issue haunts a lot more people than I assumed, perhaps even most of us.

I knew something had to be done.

So I started using my years-long love of fashion for good (it went-on like a lion hunting down its prey, so FAST) & I must say, it felt terrific being able to see things moving so quickly.

Eventually, I figured that the solution was simple. Either get the dresses available in an extensive size bracket (sounds like a drag), or OR, hear me out, jazz up the fits in a way that looks rather delightful & impressive even though some efforts (silently) have been made to personalize the dresses for the dresser. So you are adapting the clothes for yourself, but the accessories only make them MORE Elegant! 

So yeah, I decided to come up with some products, in a way that suits a wide variety of styles, put them out to everybody who needs a solution like that, & BAM! There finally was something for everybody, One Size that did Fit ALL!

There’s more to the story, but here was a little digest. Let me know how you liked it by DMing me on our IG @blingmycloset & before I forget, YOUR story too!

I always love to read about our #BlingyFam ^_^ & giving back to the community.

Shalini ❤️